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Start selling t-shirts on Facebook

Sure, you can direct your Facebook followers to your website to make a purchase but wouldn’t it be better if they could buy your t-shirts right through your Facebook page? With the Shopify Facebook Store app they can.

Start selling t-shirts on Facebook today by downloading the Shopify Facebook Store app that lets you upload products, enable instant sharing, make more sales through your social network and drive new traffic to your website.

Facebook Store example

All the features you need

Shopify makes it easy to build and manage your Facebook store

A seamless setup process

Completed right from your backend Shopify admin, you can set up and customize your Facebook store in minutes.

Automated real time syncing

Every time you add a new product or update prices, the changes are instantly reflected in your Facebook store.

Incorporated and integrated

All the convenient functions and features you enjoy on Shopify are available in your Facebook store too.

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